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Judith Lok

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Boston University

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Dr. Judith Lok has developed an intellectual and mathematical framework for Structural Nested Models, both for continuous-time measurements and for discrete-time measurements. In collaboration with Dr. Richard Gill, Dr. Aad van der Vaart and Dr. James Robins, she has provided a rigorous proof of the asymptotic properties, consistency and asymptotic normality, of the resulting estimators in discrete time, which was published in Statistica Neerlandica. She has also provided the first proofs of these asymptotic properties in continuous time. This work has been published in the Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, “Structural nested models and standard software: a mathematical foundation through partial likelihood” and in the Annals of Statistics, “Statistical modeling of causal effects in continuous time” and “Mimicking counterfactual outcomes to estimate causal effects”. These methods have been applied to estimate treatment effects in HIV infected subjects. Dr. Judith Lok is still working on continuous-time structural nested models.

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