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Speaker 1
Rani Lill Anjum Keynote on Philosophy
Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rani Lill Anjum

Philosopher at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Rani Lill Anjum is a Researcher of Philosophy at NMBU, where she led the ‘Causation in Science’ research project from 2011-2014, followed by the CauseHealth project, ‘Causation, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences’, from 2015-2019. In recent years, she has led the interdisciplinary NMBU Centre for Applied Philosophy of Science (NMBU CAPS) with scientist Dr Elena Rocca, to engage researchers and practitioners in critical reflections over the philosophical foundation of science and methods, including the concepts of causation, probability, risk and complexity. Together, they also led the research project ‘CauseHealth Risk and Safety’ from 2019-2021. Anjum is co-author of Getting Causes from Powers (Oxford University Press 2011), Causation – A Very Short Introduction (OUP 2013), Causation in Science and the Methods of Scientific Discovery(OUP 2018), What Tends to Be (Routledge 2020) and Causality, Complexity and Evidence for the Unique Patient (Springer 2020). She has served as member of the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees since 2017.