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Kevin Bryan

Kevin Bryan is an Associate Professor, Strategic Management Area

Kevin's work primarily consists of applied theoretical and empirical analyses of innovation and entrepreneurship. Among other questions, he has investigated why firms may do R&D on socially inefficient research projects (including during the Covid-19 pandemic), how startups find early employees and decide where to locate, when and why acquisitions of high-growth startups may be worrying for antitrust, how artificial intelligence can profitably used alongside human workers, what types of science are most useful for inventors in industry, and how rideshare networks function when they compete with each other. His work has been published in the Journal of Economic Theory, the Review of Economics and Statistics, Research Policy, and the University of Chicago Law Review. He maintains a side interest in studying history of thought, the history of the Industrial Revolution, and social scientific methodology. Details of his research can be found at

In addition to academic research, Professor Bryan does extensive public writing about economic theory and policy. He writes the research weblog A Fine Theorem devoted to discussions of new economics and strategy research; the site has been visited over 750,000 times and has been discussed by The Economist, Slate, Reuters, Forbes, and Bloomberg, among others.