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Michael D. Ryall

rofessor of Strategic Management at Florida Atlantic University

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Michael Ryall is Professor of Strategic Management at Florida Atlantic University. As an economist trained in game theory, his best-known research is on the Value Capture Model, a theory that provides a mathematical foundation for business strategy. His career-long passion is investigating human learning in complex, interactive, and dynamic settings. Most recently, this interest led him into the intersection of game theory, causal inference, AI, and philosophy. His research regularly appears in peer-reviewed journals, such as Management Science, the Strategic Management Journal, the Academy of Management Review, and the Economic Journal, among others. His teaching spans a wide range of topics, including core business strategy, advanced strategy, business ethics, data analytics for causal inference, managerial economics, and game theory. He has taught at the undergraduate, MBA, Masters, Ph.D., and executive levels. His professional service history includes various editorial roles at leading scholarly journals, co-founding two academic associations, and the organization of many scholarly conferences and symposia. He has successfully raised funding for his research from prestigious granting bodies, including the A. P. Sloan Foundation, the Australian Research Council, and the Humanities Research Council of Canada, among others.

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